Project Data*

Budget: $18,383,385
Studios: 17
1BR: 24
2BR: 13
3BR: 2
Affordable: 6
Total: 56
Parking: 0
Stories: 6
Retail Space: 7500 sqft
Residents: 112
Students: 3
School: Ward

Construction: 75
Permanent FT: 2
Permanent PT: 3
Status: IDA Approved

Planning Board Approval: 
IDA Approval: 5/30/2018
Constr. Start: 4/1/2020
Length: 18 months
Completion: 10/1/2021
Tax Incentives
"As Is" Tax: $1,453,347
Full Property Tax: $5,524,102
PILOT: $3,369,375
Owner Savings: $2,154,727
PILOT (yrs): 20

Mortgage Tax Exemption: $119142
Fair Share Mitigation: $107,335

Data Last Updated: 11/28/2018

*Data listed here is subject to change. FOIL/FOIA requests are pending to obtain any missing data. Some of these numbers are estimated. Data comes from city documents.

** GLOSSARY TERMS: "As Is" taxes are the taxes of the property before development. Full Property Taxes are the taxes of the property after development. PILOT means Payment in Lieu of Taxes, which is less than full property taxes. Owner savings is the property tax abatement in dollars and as a percent of Full Property Taxes. PILOT length is the number of years that the PILOT is in effect. Fair Share Mitigation (FSM) fees are monies collected by the City from the developer to cover future infrastructure needs. The school system gets approximately 2/3 of the FSM fees.

*** Residents are calculated as follows: Studios = 1, 1BR = 1.5, 2BR = 3, 3BR = 4.5 (NDC formula) Students are calculted as follows: Studios (*0), 1BR (*0.014), 2BR (*0.141), 3BR (*0.213) (NDC formula)

*Data updating and collection is done by volunteers and may contain the occasional error or miscalculation.

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